Contractors Insurance

Whether you are a contractor doing small residential repairs or a contractor with large commercial projects, each job you perform presents unique risks and exposures.  The contractors’ insurance coverage you purchased 5 years ago or even last year, may not be adequate if misfortune strikes today.

All too often, contractors think of insurance as a “necessary evil”.  One thing is for certain, contractors insurance is necessary, but it could also be your most important asset.  A properly structured contractor’s insurance program is vital to your business as a contractor.  It can literally make the difference in being able to continue in business after an accident or closing your doors.

Your contractor business is your livelihood.  You work very hard to put food on your table, pay the mortgage, make loan payments on your truck and equipment, pay your taxes and insurance, and hopefully have a little money left over at the end of each month.

Why Choose Lawrence & Brownlee for your contractors insurance?

Lawrence & Brownlee Insurance has insured contractors like you since 1912.  Our qualified commercial insurance staff has over 90 years of combined industry experience designing, implementing, and servicing insurance programs for contractors.  As hard as you work, we will work equally hard to earn your business and help you keep more of YOUR money in YOUR pocket each month.  Whether you are a one man operation or you have 100 employees, we can tailor a contractor’s insurance coverage plan to meet your needs.

Pricing is a concern for contractors, especially in this economy.  With a customized contractor insurance coverage plan, YOU are in control of the types and amount of coverage you want to pay for.  It can be surprisingly affordable.  Call Lawrence & Brownlee Insurance TODAY at (864) 225-8222 to get started.

Following is a partial list of insurance coverage important to contractors:

  • Contractors General Liability Insurance
  • Contractors Commercial Property Insurance
  • Contractors Tools and Equipment Insurance
  • Contractors Commercial Automobile Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation for Contractors
  • Bonds (including Surety, Payment, and Performance)

How would you answer the following questions when you think about your current contractor insurance program?

  1. If the work you perform causes bodily injury or property damage to someone else, do you have contractor’s general liability insurance properly written with adequate liability limits to protect you, your employees and your business?
  2. If you or your employee has an accident in your company truck, does your contractor’s automobile insurance policy have adequate liability limits to protect you if you are sued?
  3. Does your policy pay to repair or replace your wrecked truck?
  4. If all your tools and equipment were damaged or destroyed, do you have contractors’ equipment insurance to pay for repair or replacement of that equipment?
  5. If your employee is injured while working for you, do you have workers’ compensation to cover that employee’s hospital bill and lost wages?

A seemingly minor accident could create such a financial burden that it literally forces you out of business unless you have a proper contractor’s insurance plan in place.  Get started now by calling Lawrence & Brownlee Insurance at (864) 225-8222 and speak with a contractor insurance professional.  Getting an accurate contractors’ insurance quote is quick and easy.